Matters of the Heart.

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Don’t forget Ferguson.

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raise your hand if you’re a lil bit of an asshole

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Couple who shades together stay together

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When I have children.

When I have daughters, I will love them.
I will make sure that they are raised right, and I will tell them that they are capable of all things.

When my children become toddlers, I will begin to teach them to write.
They will write whatever they want.
I will teach them this so that they may always have a way to express themselves.
See, what we teach our children at an early age they will always have.
I will teach them.

When my children reach age 6, they will begin school.
They will begin to learn subject matter.
Math, mommy’s trouble. Science, the easy stuff, you know, how to blow bubbles. Reading, how ones mind reaches it’s peak. Their minds being filled at every crevice.
They will learn.

When my children enter 6th grade, I will begin to hold them and tell them that I love them more than ever before.
I will do this because I know how other children can be.
The venom they spew with silver tongues.
I will instill in my children that they are not what people say, but that they are whoever and whatever they so choose to be.
Their hearts will not be tattered by words.
I will hold them.

When my children begin 7th grade, they will start to blossom.
They will blossom like the buds of a hibiscus flower in the middle of summer.
Full and ready for the world to see.
They will flourish in whatever they choose.
I will always be there to support them.
They will bloom.

When my children are in their last year of middle school, I will begin to prepare.
Prepare for them to become teens.
Teens that will be going to high school in less than a year.
But wait, let’s just stay here in eighth grade for now.
They’re going on school trips, learning, occasionally furrowing their brow.
They’re minds expanding, the over flow of growth, my children.
They are coming into their own.

When my children enter high school, a new chapter will begin.
They will find new groups, try new things, but most importantly, they will not have to pretend.
They won’t have to pretend that they aren’t afraid, because it’s okay to feel that way, because mommy knows that feeling too.
She was once afraid of the same things as you.
On that first day, where to sit. Who to talk to and who to become friends with.
My children will discover who they are, but not just yet, graduation is still too far.
They start here.

But wait let’s stop right there,
This is something my daughters can share.
I will share this with them in hopes of them doing the same.
I will tell my daughters, my sweet sweet girls, that they can do anything.
That if they want to be a cheerleader, that’s exactly what they should do. If the want to play sports, I’ll tell them they can do that too.
I’ll tell them not to be like mommy, and let their dreams be deterred by the fear of what other people might say.
Don’t be like mommy, crying, wishing she could go back to that day. Be better than mommy, and never give your dreams away.
With my daughters, this I will share.


When my children are sophomores, they will feel better.
They’re familiar with the building, have made friendships, and are now dreaming of their first varsity letter.
They’ve tried out for so many things and are ready to take this year by storm.
Sophomore power they say, with such pride in their lungs.
Their second year here and they’ve embraced the change.
They feel better.

When my children are juniors, they will be focused. Beginning to research colleges, and studying for the SAT. Fearing what those older kids told them about their new English teacher and all of her essays. But, they will be focused. They’ll say they can’t wait for senior year, but I’ll tell them they’d better enjoy this year.
They are ready.

When my children are seniors, they will begin to celebrate! They will be preparing to take full advantage of their year of superiority.
I will be the mother at every senior event, the one crying and taking hundreds of pictures.
They will have their final homecoming, their final prom. Their senior pictures will be taken, and their friendships will be closer than ever.
My children will soon graduate high school.
They will become exactly who they are supposed to be. They will be everything and more of what mommy dreamed they would be.

When I have children.

Anonymous asked: How can I let go someone who gave me so much memories and who always make happy


Realize that memories are important
But also realize that holding on to those memories are what is preventing you from making better ones


Around 1 AM I turn into Nuka that psychotic lion from The Lion King II


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